• July 5, 2014
  • Mark LaCour
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Learn how we maximize our prospecting time by targeting pre-qualified buyers.


Targeting Pre Qualified Buyers

Hey, folks. Let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry, shall we?


All right. Today’s show, we’re going to talk about a [target] that we use that you can use for your own business and it’s called Targeting Pre-Qualified Buyers. If you think about the people that typically buy your product or service, they have some similar traits and characteristics, right? And there are these events out there either virtual or real life where people have these traits and characteristics gather, right?

So, we’re going to actually getting ready to this our self, next week is the South Texas Oil Field Expo. It’s in a new venue, the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and it’s in San Antonio, Texas right smack in the middle of Eagle Ford Shale. So, we’re actually going out there because our pre-qualified buyers are at the show. Think about it. Anybody that’s willing to buy and exhibit booth case at the South Texas Oil Field Expo, is automatically a potential client for us because what we do is help other companies sell their product and service into the oil and gas industry which means that our potential clients our best clients are the ones that want to sell their stuff into oil and gas industry and where else better than to see a roomful of people that have these pre-qualified traits than at in oil and gas trade show which is what the South Texas Oil Field Expo is.

So, if you think about that with your business, you can help really greatly speed up your prospecting time, right? You can be in a room with a hundred people where only one is a potential client for you or you can be in a room with a hundred people where nine are a potential client for you. That’s where you want to spend your time, not in the one, right? So that’s what we’re doing next week. This will probably be a two-part blog post this being the first one and then the next one we’ll actually do at the event where we show you how we actually accomplish this, right? And it’s not salesy or spammy or fake. It’s real. We bring real value to these people and we’ll show you that next time.

So, hopefully this help understand how to target pre-qualified buyers and we will see you again next time.