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Mark: Hey, folks. It’s Mark LaCour here. We’re sitting at Internet Of Things Oil and Gas Conference.

I’m sitting here with Nav with Ambyint. How are you doing today, Nav?

Nav: I’m doing great and really enjoying the show.

Mark: Yeah. The show has been great. I got a chance to listen to you speak and you’re talking about disruption in the oil and gas industry and it’s fascinating because we’re in that time of disruption, right?         Do you want to talk a little bit about that?

Nav: Sure. You know what? The thing is that within this industry we’ve seen lots of innovations and they’ve really been more inchworms type of moving along, so a little bit of growth and a little bit of change happening. We really need to look at changing things dramatically, we need to be looking at new ways of doing it fundamentally different business processes starting from that. And, in order to do that right, you need some serious disruption at how we do things today.

Mark: Yeah. And I think we’re entering into that age of disruption, I think combination of low crude price the lost account these industries will go through – we’re in a long term hydrocarbon abundant world which means we need to drive efficiencies. And, speaking of driving efficiencies with technology, what does Ambyint do?

Nav: Well, Ambyint is an analytical platform and it’s based on the IOT architecture and infrastructure. So, we’ve got discreet sensors that get mounted on the well head and then on the pump jacks themselves. And they’re bringing date into the cloud where we do deep analysis, we do machine learning on it to help you predict what’s going to happen.

We really close that loop by giving you autonomous action, so we can actually control your pump jack. Ultimately what we’re driving towards is oil wells that run themselves in a safer manner than we can run them.

Mark: Wow! Nav. So, you’re talking about decrease in cost, increase in production and decrease in lost time incidents all at the same time?

Nav: Absolutely. And that’s one of the challenges, but that’s what this industry needs today is something disruptive feature sets that you can’t – you can’t – couldn’t normally afford are now you can afford and that’s where we focused on.

Mark: And this is fascinating. So, if people wanted to learn more about you and your company, where should they go?

Nav: Our website is the best place to go,

Mark: Yeah. Thank you so much for your time.

Nav: Great. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Mark: Yeah. Folks, I hope this helped. We will see you next time.