• November 23, 2013
  • Mark LaCour
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1.The 2 Minute Rule: If a task comes up and I can do it in two minutes, then I do it immediately. It’s a simple rule from time management pro David Allen, and it’s a cornerstone of The Secret Weapon the time management process that I use and highly recommend.

2. Get Up Early: I’m up at 4:30am, which gives me time to workout and I get at least 3 hours of extremely productive time with no interruptions because everyone is still asleep.

3. No Meeting Fridays: An idea I borrowed from Facebook (they use Wednesdays), so I can work without stopping in a relaxed thoughtful manner.

4. Travel Time Tactics: When traveling I plan out my time in the air or car to tackle some of my to-do items. I plan out ahead of time what I will tackle, and put that list in my action item folder. Plane trips are great for churning through email; auto trips are perfect for listening to audiobooks or podcasts.

5. Say No: I’m inundated every day with meeting requests, speaking engagements, invites, phone calls, lunch invitations and other opportunities that are not vitally important to my business. Being able to say no allows me to better prioritize and organize my time around the things that matter most.