• April 28, 2013
  • Mark LaCour
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Some quick travel tips to make your oil & gas business travel more enjoyable & productive. The site I mentioned is www.minimus.biz.


Transcript of Session –

Hey. It’s Mark LaCour. Let’s learn some more about the oil and gas industry.


Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about travelling. The oil and gas industry is truly global which means you’ll have to travel. So let’s go through quick tips that will probably help you have a more enjoyable productive trip.

So, first thing when you get out your car and you park in the airport parking lot, snap a quick a pic of where you park, it makes it so much easier to find your car when you get back.

Next thing, wear comfortable shoes. I actually wear cross trainers because I also can use them when I’m working out. It may look a little funny with your suit, but your feet and your lower body are much happier.

And then of course, pack for carry on, don’t check bags, it’s too slow too much travel. And if you need to learn how to pack correctly, there’s a bunch of great YouTube videos out there.

And because the TSA liquid restrictions, you really need to visit Minimus.Biz. That’s my go-to site. Everything I need for travel they have in the small three or one ounce containers.

Then, take all of your important documents and presentations and put them on a flash drive, but also put them on one of the cloud servers, Dropbox or Skydrive. That has saved my butt many times.

Then, when you check in your hotel, before you do anything else, pull out your business clothes, go into the shower, turn the shower on hot. Hang your business clothes from the curtain in the shower and let them sit there for three to five minutes, then take them out and hang them in the hotel closet. Next morning, wala! No wrinkles.

Then, never skip your workout. Use Google Maps find a local gym, hit the gym. It makes your energy high and it keeps your routine going and there’s no reason to ever do that.

And then, finally, make sure you eat healthy. Bring healthy snacks with you and when you’re on the road, try to find healthy options. They’re out there, there’s no reason not to stick your workout and diet.