• March 10, 2014
  • Mark LaCour
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One of my clients is looking for a top sales professional

*wicked good accelerators, no cap on plan
*Very complex sales, a playground for gifted sellers.
*Operational Excellence and Risk Management solutions to the Global 2000
*National territory, named accounts
*7 aps in the bag to sell.
*division revenue will triple in 24M
*3 growth positions available, work from your remote office
We are looking for sellers who are eager to build their own empire. Our top rep is making well over 500K
Picture SAP.  Before ERP happened.  They had the best of breed IP  “modules” to integrate a customers back office. Functional department data systems and business processes could talk to each other.  At.  Long.  Last.
Now picture 7 Operational Excellence and Risk Management (aka Health Safety and Environmental -HS & E) “modules” with proven ROIs and successful customer case studies.  And a global billion dollar organization who has the human resources, IP and balance sheet to deliver an OE and RM platform to customers with complexities around assets (oil gas, energy, pharma, biotech, big MFG, Aerospace and Defense).
Then imagine yourself there.  Busting your quota.  Hitting the ball outta the park, way way way outta the park. Raking in the revenue from customers who adopt this technology solution in order to meet their strategic global objectives.
Are you are eager to build your own empire?
Our top rep is making well over 500K, think you could do better?  Dare ya!
For more information schedule a 5 minute opportunity pitch with Jenna Pepper, Principal, Insight Talent Advisors at 713.932.6679  or insighttalentad@gmail.com