plateI just love a good $teak dinner, especially when it is in a restaurant that knows how to cook a quality cut of meat. If you are a vegetarian, please substitute $teak for your favorite vegan meal. Live and let live I say. So imagine you are sitting down to a wonderful meal at your favorite $teak house. Your mouth is watering as you anticipate your order arriving from the kitchen. Now imagine your surprise when the waiter arrives with not one but four plates. 3 people sit down with you at your table. Each gets a plate with a portion of your $teak. You get the 4th plate.

One plate has 35% of your $teak. Another has 30% and still another has 25%. You get 10%. How does this make you feel? I am sure you are saying to yourself, “Well, 10% is better than nothing”.

Right?? NOT!! It is your $teak after all so why should you have to share it with these 3 other people?

I am glad you asked that last question. That $teak dinner is like your lifetime income earning potential. While you are busy earning a respectable income as a professional there are others that are also very glad to see you earn your 6 figures plus. Among others I will mention in passing the Tax System on all levels, Lenders and Retailers. All of them are eating a piece of that big thick juicy $teak [your income] out of your plate. While this is generally unavoidable, the good news is that by managing your cash flow efficiently you can significantly increase the portion of the $teak you get to eat.

A little education here will go a long way to curb the appetite of those eating with you. So now you are wondering, how to get started on your $teak conservation program. I would like to suggest an exercise that you can find online called YOUR FINANCIAL SCORECARD.

This is a free and anonymous financial tool that will let you see where you stand financially as of today. The report it generates can be downloaded so you have a permanent copy. This is a great the starting point for your $teak conservation program. As for what to do next you should seek out a financial professional who teaches financial efficiency and balance. I, of course, would be happy to serve you in this capacity. There is so much more to doing well financially than what is traditionally recommended.

Hope you found this of value. Bon Appetit!


Guest contributor Ron Doerksen is a rock star at  Sound Financial Group and can be reached at  +1.360.306.5642 or