From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! And to top it all off a delightful little poem from one of our subscribers:

Twas Christmas eve and the hole was tight.  The little rig pulled with all of its might!!!

Circulate, rotate, work pipe in and out, This will fix the problem without any doubt.

High vis, low vis, sweep, sweep, sweep. Up with the mud weight, but don’t let it seep.

Lets add some mica, just for good measure. Mud man says, yeah, sure thing, whatever!!!!

Keep the low end rheology down around 10, Rotate and rotate as fast as you can!!!!

Get the pumps stroking with the controls in your hand, Keep an eye on the pressure, don’t let it pack off man!!!

Circulate, circulate several bottoms up, 18 to 30 should be enough.

The cuttings are coming, just look at the shakers, So many cuttings they’re kicking the breakers!!!

Big cuttings, little cuttings, super fines too, So many cuttings what’s a guy to do?

Give the mud logger a sample or two, Ask him what it is, or if he gives a who?

It looks like shale, of that I am sure, I don’t know much else or I’d tell you more.

Circulate, rotate, more, more, more, Please be patient it will help stabilize the well bore.

The well bore is stable and the cuttings look right, The rig no longer needs to pull with all of its might.

Now that Christmas is upon us and the midnight hour is near, Lets chain it down and go have a beer!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!