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Marketing in Oil and Gas has Changed

Marketing in Oil and Gas has changed.

Marketing in oil and gas has changed. Now when I say marketing let me clarify here, because when the rest of the world thinks marketing it’s how you drive leads. Either to your sales team or to your point-of-sale.

In oil and gas there’s a downstream part of the business, and they have used the word marketing for years to mean the manufacturing and selling of downstream products. So this video isn’t about how you sell your lubes or fuels. We’re not talking that type of marketing; we’re talking about driving leads with marketing.

So, marketing in oil and gas has changed from bunch of reasons. We’re going to go through them now and see if we can help you.

First one, this new younger workforce. This new younger workforce learns and buys differently than previous generations by a large margin. They don’t read print at all (even if it’s free), so quit spending money on print ads. They don’t go to trade shows, conferences or expos to learn. And they don’t go to lunch-and-learns.

Webinars – Small ROI When Marketing in Oil and Gas

If you can even get them to join a webinar, the truth is they’re multitasking. And if your lucky you maybe get 10% of their attention span. All the stuff that worked great for my generation, it’s worthless with this new younger workforce when it comes to marketing in Oil and Gas.

Next thing, there is no decision maker anymore. So if your marketing team is putting together personas of ideal buyers, stop it. It doesn’t exist. That ideal buyer isn’t there anymore. It’s now a decision-making team made up of different people. And quite honestly unless you’re into heavy big data analytics, it’s hard to model the way a decision-making team interacts and makes decisions.

What you much better off doing, is making sure that you put your offering out there in a way that’s easy to understand in a short amount of time, that’s digestible and shows the value of fixing the problem that your product or solutions solves. That’s how you reach these new younger buyers more effectively.

Stop the Whitepaper’s

Next whitepaper’s suck. I hate to tell you that whitepaper’s suck, as I know you have a lot of time and effort invested in them. Remember when I said we had this new younger workforce, and they don’t read print? Well, that includes whitepapers. You’re better off taking that same efforts and resources you would use to create a white paper and instead make a video short. And on that video short, have one of your real clients talk about how you helped them solve a problem. Nothing about you, or your solution, or your company. But how you actually helped them solve a problem. Make that video less than three minutes and that’s your new white paper and its an awesome way to be marketing in Oil and Gas.

Content is Black Gold

Then content is the new black gold. If your website and  your online presence is still doing the old magazine style approach, where it’s basically an ad or catalog showcasing your products and services. Stop it! Start thinking about all the questions that your clients and prospects asks you. Everyone of those answers and questions are the subject for your content. Create some good content marketing around this and you are now producing black gold.

And yes it’s going to feel like you’re giving away stuff for free, stuff that you could charge for. But let me tell you, we’ve been doing this for years and it pays off times a zillion. Content is now the king of marketing in Oil and Gas. Get your teams out there to start creating content that’s useful, valuable and easy to consume,  and you’ll be way ahead of everybody else.

Engagement Beats Exposure

Then engagement beats exposure every time. It used to be your marketing team would go back and look at all the likes and new page views they generated. In todays world in marketing in Oil and Gas, that doesn’t matter. Let me tell you what matters – engagement. I would rather have one person interact with my online presence and buy from me, than a hundred thousand people that come but never buy from me.

Marketing in Oil and Gas

That’s engagement, the one person that interacts and buys from me. The thousands of people that come and don’t ever reach out to me, that’s a waste of my time. So quit looking at data and numbers about driving a lot of traffic, and instead look at how much you are driving engagement. How much is your marketing in Oil and Gas helping prospects engage with your sales team. So engagement beats exposure every single time.

It Doesn’t Work When Marketing in Oil and Gas

Then here’s one you have to be really careful of. What works as far as marketing in other verticals, probably doesn’t work the same or maybe not in oil and gas. I’ll give you a great example. There’s a lot of companies out there doing a lot of really good work with paid Facebook ads, selling a lot of products and services. I’m going to tell you right now, nobody in this industry will ever buy a blowout preventer, a tree or a PLET from Facebook. It just doesn’t work.

So when you’re looking at your marketing strategy, or maybe bringing in some marketing consultants, Just know that because they’ve been successful somewhere else, don’t think they can take that same success and forklift into marketing in Oil and Gas. Because quite honestly, it doesn’t work and they will fail.

Marketing in Oil and Gas Should Rely Less on Exhibiting

Then exhibiting, actually spending your money to exhibit at a trade show, conference, expo, etc. it works less and less each year.  And we no longer recommend it when marketing in Oil and Gas. But you know what does work? Speaking. Let me give you perfect example. I was asked to speak at a technology trade show, and I gave really good value for the money (I got paid to do it). What I spoke about was how sales is changing in Oil and Gas. Well if you think about that, everybody that came to listen to me had an interest in learning why sales is changing.

Of the thirty seven people that listened to me speak, twenty of them reached back out to me. Why? Because as I was speaking I was effectively able to have twenty one sales calls in an hour,  based upon having a room full of people listing to me. Versus me trying to go set up appointments and going to meet these 20  people one on one. So getting on the speaking circle in oil and gas is awesome and can be extremely rewarding. But exhibiting every year, it’s less and less a good return on your investment.

Thought Leader is Your Goal

Then being seen as a thought leader, is way better than spending big bucks. I know a lot of oil and gas companies have spent a lot of money in their marketing efforts. And honestly they could take a tenth of that spend, figure out how to position themselves as a thought leader and be way ahead of their competitors. Now they’re no longer a vendor, they are a thought leader. That drives a totally different engagement model and the leads start pouring in.

What happens is when you’re seen as a thought leader, you’re seen as the expert. So beating you up on price, features or functionality just goes away. So being a thought leader is much better than have big dollar marketing budget spend.

Marketing Automation is a Must

Then pay attention please, marketing automation – you got to learn it and use it or you’re going to disappear. The world is speeding up. Buyers are consuming information around products and services faster and faster. You have artificial intelligence, you have bots, you have some very advanced algorithms shuffling things around. I mean look at your Facebook feed, Google, or any another social platform. Pay attention to the ads and stories it shows you. You have to learn how to do the same thing. And I don’t necessarily mean you, but your company has to learn how to do that and use it effectively. If not, you’re going to be left behind. It’s marketing automation is coming at us like a freight train.

SEO and SER is Vital When Marketing in Oil and Gas

And then the last one, search engine results is the new lead driver. Go open your browser of choice right now, and type in oil and gas keynote speaker. Type in oil and gas speakers, type in oil and gas sales experts, you’ll see me come up number one. Think about what that does. Anybody on the planet that looks at that sees me first, and they reach out to me. That drives all of my leads for my business. And it does it really well.

So just remember you can’t fool Google, you have to put good, relative, useful and easy to consume content out there. But search engine ranking is a new way to drive leads. We spoke at GeoConvention last year, and we did the research beforehand and searches online for supply chain has grown 1700% in the last four years. Why? Because the old guys that used to know who their valve vendors were, that had and used paper catalogs, they’re gone. The new guy who is part of this new younger workforce, when his manager says “Hey, give me some one-inch ball valves”, the first thing he does is he Googles it. So your search engine rankings are dramatically important.

Right now if you don’t rank well for what you’re doing, you’re in an okay place. But what’s really happening is you’re getting ready to get left behind by new, quicker and more nimble competitor of yours. One that you may not even be aware of today and that you may not even see coming. And once they grab that number one or two spot, it’s really hard for you to get it back. So SEO (search engine optimization) and  SER (search engine ranking) is a new lead driver.

I’d Love to Help You

I hope this helped. If you like what we’re doing and you would like me to come speak to your group, let me know. Just reach out by clicking here and I would be happy to share details.

Folks, I hope this helped. We will see you next time.

Oil and Gas Keynote Speaker. How to Do it Right

How to be a valuable oil and gas keynote speaker.

Okay. Oil and gas keynote speaker, how to do it right. If you’re giving an oil and gas keynote speaker, a couple of things that you need to do to make sure that you nail it. That you give good value for the people that are paying you speak.

First thing, understand the purpose of the event. Why are they putting the event on? Is it a conference? Is it an expo? Is it an educational seminar? Is it internal? Is it external? Why are they doing it? Is it team building? Are they trying to pass on some type of new messaging? Is the company going through a merger or acquisition? Do they have a new product or service? Whatever it is without understanding the purpose of that event, you actually can’t build a good keynote and deliver high value.

Once you understand the purpose of that event, do a very deep dive into the expected audience. Learn who’s going to be there, their titles, their roles, their positions. If it’s a big conference, what is the conference theme? What’s the conference about? Who typically attends the conference? If you are doing a conference or expo, talk to the promoters of the conference. They can help you understand exactly who that audience is. But you have to understand who that exact audience is, so that you can tell a good and valuable story to them.

Oil and Gas Keynote speaker – Stop the Slides

Then here’s a big one for me and everybody else out there that speaks professionally. Stop the slides! The PowerPoint decks with all the texts and the spreadsheets, and all that sort of stuff. You need to tell a story. If you have a deck, pictures are great way to accomplish that story. Think about the TED Talks you see. How often do you see them putting up Excel spreadsheets? You never see that. If you need to put up a graph, make it simple and easy to understand. The focus needs to be on you, the oil and gas keynote speaker. Not on what you have going on behind you on a screen.

Next be entertaining but be careful. If you have too much entertainment or too much humor in the wrong place, it can be deadly when you’re doing an oil and gas keynote speech. Humor is what lubricates the story, it doesn’t replace the story. The story is the most important thing.

And then pacing is more important than length. If you go too fast, people can’t keep up and pay attention. So they lose track. If you go too slow, you put people to sleep. A good keynote can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, but the pace is way more important than the length.

You Must be a Good Storyteller

The next one is huge. You have to be a good storyteller AND  you have to tell real stories. So you have to tell real stories that involved you or the people around you, that fit into what you’re trying to accomplish as an oil and gas keynote speaker. You have to be a good storyteller. There’s a lot of stuff out there to help, online courses, books, classes and some really good blog posts. There’s a lot of really good stuff to teach you how to be a storyteller, but you have to be a storyteller first and foremost. And you have to use real stories if you want to be an oil and gas keynote speaker.

Next you have to connect with your audience. I’m doing it right now. I’m talking to you about stuff that’s important, stuff that you have an interest in, I’m giving you some real value. I am connecting with my audience even though this is on video. It’s even more important when you do it in person. You have to connect with the audience. If you connect with your audience, you feel it the audience feels it. They go along with you for the ride that you’re bringing them on, as you tell the story.

Here’s another real big one for us. You have to be genuine. If somebody asked you to do a keynote that you can’t do effectively, you need to tell them “I can’t do that keynote”. If you came to me and said “Mark, I want you to do a keynote speech on electrical distribution”, I would tell you No. I can’t do a good keynote around that, because I don’t know that world at all. My world is oil and gas. So you have to be genuine.

You Must use Social to be an Oil and Gas Keynote Speaker

Then in today’s world if you’re going to be a good oil and gas keynote speaker, you have to use social. You have to use social to promote the event ahead of time, which is what you’re being paid to do. You have to use it during the event. There are all kinds of ways, think of all the different platforms Periscope, Facebook, Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. All that stuff helps build a buzz for both you and your speaking career. And for the event that you’re helping with your keynote, so you have to be involved with social media.Oil and Gas Keynote Speaker

If you struggle with that find somebody who can help you with it. That will amplify your ability to tell a good story…immensely. You know if you have a Periscope or Facebook Live going in front of an audience of a thousand people in person, you may be actually doing a keynote in front of 6,000 or 8,000 people. Think how huge it is and how impactful it is.

Finally when you’re finished, you have to leave the audience feeling good. And that can be two or three different things. Did you tell a good heartfelt emotional story that made them feel good? The kind of Rocky thing where you pumped them up. Did you give them some valuable and useful information and they walked out and say “Wow I didn’t know that, and this is something I can actually use”. Regardless of how you do it, you have to end your keynote leaving the audience feeling good.

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So, folks I hope this helped. You may want to also check out Oil and Gas Speaker. How to Choose the Right One

Oil and Gas Speaker. How to Choose the Right One

Finding the right Oil and Gas Speaker can be a challenge, so we decided to help.

Oil and gas speaker, how do you choose the right one? If you’re going to hire an oil and gas speaker for your event, conference, expo or your meeting, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right person. You have a lot of people dependent on you making the right decisions, and we are going to give you some guidelines.


We will talk you through the things that you need to look for when you’re hiring an oil and gas speaker. The first one? What is the goal of the event that you’re putting on? Is this is a team building exercise? Are you trying to educate an audience? Is this a conference where you’re trying to showcase a new product or a new idea? Until you understand what is the goal of the event, you really can’t even begin to start choosing the speaker.


What is Your Oil and Gas Speaker Budget

Then, this is a big one. What is your oil and gas speaker budget? The range that you pay for people to speak in oil and gas events can go from literally zero for somebody who’s just getting started to maybe $20,000 or $30,000. Without knowing your budget, you don’t know how to be able to narrow that field of people that can help you accomplish your goals.


Then, what type of speaker will make your event successful? An industry expert. Or an oil and gas industry expert speaker, such as me. A celebrity speaker, such as Mark Zuckerberg or an athlete speaker, such as George Foreman. There are professional speakers, or internal speakers. Without understanding what type of speaker you need to make the event successful, you won’t be able to figure out who actually need. And each one of those types of speakers brings a different strength and a different purpose to your event.

Oil and Gas Speaker

Next what is the message you’re trying to convey? So if you’re talking about product launch, that’s one type of message. If you’re talking about some changes that your company is going through, that’s another type of message. Or if you’re trying to motivate a part of your company or a team, that’s another type of message and certain speakers are better off at delivering certain types of messages. So if you want an oil and gas speaker, what is the message that you’re trying to convey?


What is the Make-Up of Your Audience

And then what is the make-up of your audience? So in a conference or expo you have a bunch of people from all ages from all different backgrounds walking the floor. Are you trying to capture their attention? Or are you trying to educate them? Is this an internal audience? Or is this a bunch of your senior leadership? Are they new hires? Or a bunch of young professionals? Maybe even a bunch of Oil and Gas entrepreneurs? Without understanding the make-up of your audience, you can’t find the right person who can help you communicate the message you’re trying to convey to that audience.


Next what type of event is it? The type of speaker that’s successful in a live outdoor event is really radically different than a type of speaker that’s successful in a small 10 to 12 person internal event.  One of them is very good at pumping up an audience, reading the energy and getting everything’s going. The other one is really good at connecting one-on-one with those individuals out there. So you have to understand what type of event it is.


Shortlist your Oil and Gas Speakers

Once you have all these figured out because we live in 2017, you should be at the point be able to shortlist your potential speakers. Go check them out online. Every professional speaker I know including us, has at least a YouTube channel if not a website. And usually everything is published on all types of social media. Go pay attention, go watch them speak, listen to them, watch their body language. Is this the type of person that clicks with you with and what you’re trying to accomplish? Take that shortlist, go online, and check them out. This will help you narrow everything down.


You Should be Talking to the Oil and Gas Speaker Themselves

Then once you have it narrowed down, ask for contract terms upfront. Read the contract. If you don’t understand, reach out to them. And at this point, you should have gotten past speaking to the assistant of the speaker. And you should be talking to the oil and gas speaker themselves. Or at least to have a phone conversation with the actual speaker.


What is the travel and entertainment part of their contract look like? Do you have to pay upfront? What about timelines and commitments? Are they able to meet your timelines for your oil and gas event, or do you have to try to work your event around them? All that should help you narrow it down to the one speaker that will do the best job for you. And make sure you accomplish your goals.


So once you have all these stuff done, take a breath, relax, enjoy. You have now hired an oil and gas speaker that’s going to make you look good, that’s going to make your event successful and make the audience very happy.


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