Why attend NAPE? Come learn why you should attend NAPE and what you need to do to get the most out out of it. To learn more about NAPE click here. NAPE is oil and gas industry’s greatest marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of producing properties & prospects. This is one of our top shows, and we make sure to attend every year. This show brings oil and gas professionals together to do business, network and have a productive time.

And this is not just a one time event. There are 3 expos every year, 2 in Houston & 1 in Denver all focused on executing deals. The internationally recognized NAPE was established in 1993 by AAPL and also includes IPAA, SEG and AAPG as partners. For more information go here http://www.napeexpo.com and follow NAPE on Twitter at @NAPE_EXPO.

And finally why attend NAPE? Because its the only Oil and Gas show I know of where everybody that is attending is going to either buy or sell something. Making the atmosphere simply buzz with excitement and high spirits.

Our #1 Oil & Gas podcast will be recording live from the show floor, with a special focus on Why attend NAPE. And modalpoint will be shooting video shorts at the expo, once again on Why attend NAPE. If your going feel free to reach out to me on twitter @Mark_LaCour  as I would love to connect!


Why Attend NAPE

Mark: Hey, folks let’s learn something new about the oil and gas industry.

So, today it’s freezing day in Houston, it’s below 50 and the rest of the world will say you’re crazy, but in Houston that’s cold. And I’m sitting here with Jeanine at the Beans Coffee Shop.

Hey, Jeanine.

Jeanine: Hey, Mark. How are you?

Mark: I’m very good. And we’ve done this before once before.

Jeanine: We have round two.

Mark: Yeah, round two. And I actually did something very embarrassing that’s on the blooper reel of the first one.

Jeanine: But you didn’t do it today, so thank you.

Mark: Yeah. And so, we’re going to talk a little bit about NAPE. Now, you’ve been involved in NAPE for a long time and your current role at NAPE is?

Jeanine: I’m the current chairman of the NAPE Operators Committee.

How to Get the Most out of NAPE?

Mark: Yeah. And so, one of the things – there are couple of things we want to cover about NAPE day. So, first thing is if you’re going to attend NAPE, what are some of the pointers that you would tell somebody to make sure they get the most out of their trip to NAPE?

Jeanine: I would tell everyone to use their time efficiently. It’s a large space, it’s over fourteen acres that people have to cover with – we’re expecting ten thousand people and seven hundred booths. So, you’ll be – there’s a show guide that’s available to be able to target out what you want to see where. And then secondly, to go online ahead of time and maybe to download the app because it will help you to be able to plan your time more efficiently.

Mark:  Yeah. And then, we always tell people plan. Whatever your goals are, figure out tactically what you need to accomplish. So, if you’re a salesperson and you’re looking to get more prospects whatever your product or service is, at NAPE who are the companies that may buy from you. Figure out where their booths are, figure out a game plan, but that planning is crucial, if you don’t plan and just show up, you won’t accomplish anything. Would you agree with that?

Jeanine: Yeah, absolutely. So, you have two days from 8:00 ‘til 5:00 to target as many people as you need to. Those days pass by pretty quickly in a very large crowded space, so to be intentional about what you want to accomplish.

Why Attend NAPE?

Mark: Yeah. Now, the second thing I want to cover, it is low crude price market right now. I’ve gotten a lot of calls and e-mails from people saying, “Mark, why should we attend NAPE?” Let’s talk about that a little bit.

So in this low crude price market, why attend NAPE?

Jeanine: Okay. People forget when NAPE was created in 1993 the price of oil was $16, so it’s a little higher than that now. The first eleven years were $30 and under, so it’s the value of being able to go to a central marketplace where all the deal makers and decision makers will be and to see what opportunities will avail itself in 2016.

Mark: Yeah. Now, this is really cool, so NAPE got it started in a low crude price environment?

Jeanine: 1993, the price of oil was I think $16.24, so the first eleven years that was below $30.

Mark: Yeah. So, think about that, if NAPE got it start there in a low crude price environment and it’s still here and it’s grown as much as it has, there absolutely is value in going.

Now, from our end, one of the things that we get a lot of is, you know, why should we spend our travel money going to NAPE. And one of the things that we’ve said a couple of times is you – there is no other place on the planet where deals are being made where people go to a show with intent of buy and sell something.

Jeanine: Right. So, you’ve got the investors are there, you’ve got the expirations were there, you’ve got the development teams that are there, so in two days you can network with over ten thousand people from around the U.S. And then, in addition to that there’ll be two days of prospect presentation booths, so there’ll be a domestic venue and an international venue. So, fifty six countries will be represented, almost all the states will be represented, so it’s probably worth the travel time to be able to come for two days to see everybody that you need to see versus spreading that out over lots of travel dollars.

Mark: Yeah. And we’ve talked to both sides of the fence, you know, in this low crude price environment, there’s a lot of properties out there, you basically can pick up for pennies on a dollar. So, if you’re an investor and you have capital, why would you not come here and make something like that. Then, on the flipside if you’re somebody looking for somebody to pick up properties, they know that it’s a low crude price environment, so they’re in the mood to buy.

So, we’re going to be there, Jeanine, you’re going to be there.

Jeanine: Absolutely. So were ten thousand more of our friends.

Mark: Yeah. So, if you’re on fence and you’re not — haven’t decided whether you or your people should go, I’m telling you go, you’ll be glad you did. Just plan a little bit ahead of time and everything will be worth your time and money.

So, Jeanine thank you so much for you time.

Jeanine: Thank you, Mark.

Mark: Yeah. Folks, I hope this helped. We will see you next time.